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My photography practice is therapy for me that quiets the chaotic

tempest in my brain.  My photos reflect the world as I

see it, where contradiction and darkness hide in plain sight beneath

the beauty and light. My goal is to challenge the viewer to dig a little

deeper and see themselves in this exquisitely imperfect world.

In my series REMEMBER WHY YOU’RE HERE, the intentional folds

in these large format prints become a metaphor for intricate tapestry of

life’s highs and lows. Each wrinkle in the photograph symbolizes a

unique moment, capturing the essence of the human experience. Just

as life unfolds unpredictability, the folds in my images mirror the

unpredictability of each viewer’s own personal journey. For me, these

folds represent my crippling panic attacks. The interplay of light and

shadows in each fold is intended to celebrate resilience in adversity

and beauty in the imperfection. Remember Why You’re Here dares

the viewer to reflect on the profound parallels between the creases in

the photographs and the nuanced fabric of their own lives. The goal is

to create something unpredictable and non-fungible, a rarity in fine art

photography: a true 1 of 1.

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